Spring Cleaning – Hazardous Waste Edition





Spring Cleaning – Hazardous Chemicals Edition

Now that we are warming up, many of us are itching to do some Spring Cleaning.  If you are like me, I have an assortment of things like old clumped fertilizer, small cans of hardened oil paint, and an ancient can of oven cleaner that really cannot go into the garbage. What to do?  Luckily, King County has 3 Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites and 1 Mobile Unit.  Follow the links for regulations, hours, and directions:

North Seattle – 12550 Stone Way N. http://www.hazwastehelp.org/HHW/disposal-locations.aspx#north

South Seattle – 8105 Fifth Ave S.  http://www.hazwastehelp.org/HHW/disposal-locations.aspx#south

Factoria Area – 13800 SE 32nd in Bellevue  http://www.hazwastehelp.org/HHW/disposal-locations.aspx#factoria

Auburn Wastemobile – at the Outlet Collection Mall (Supermall) http://www.hazwastehelp.org/HHW/disposal-locations.aspx#auburn


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