Moving? Tips for Hazardous Waste

Local_Hazardous_Waste King

Are you moving this Summer?  Helping an older relative to move?  There are some things you can’t – or don’t want to – take with you.

 Cleaning products, oil paint, antifreeze, car batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and other unused or hazardous household waste are harmful and not allowed in the garbage.  Call 206-296-4697 or visit  to find a no-fee disposal facility near you.

 Used motor oil: Call 206-296-4697 or visit  to find where to dispose or recycle.

 Unwanted medicines: Find drop-off locations for safe disposal at

 Leftover latex paint:  Dry it up with kitty litter and then place it in your garbage with the lid off.

 Electronic or bulky items:  Call 206-684-300 for a $30 pick-up of that old couch or laptop, or visit for free drop-off locations. 

 Elderly or disabled persons may quality for home pick-up of hazardous substances.  Get general help or advice for seniors from the Senior Information and Assistance Line at 206-448-3110 or


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