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Just Listed in Kirkland

We just listed this top floor condo in the Juanita community…

Seattle Recycling – Plastic Bags

New Seattle Recycling Rules

Starting January 1st, 2020 plastic bags and plastic wrap are no longer allowed in the Seattle recycling bin. Recycling processors have had a lot of problems with these items that easily wrap around the machinery causing stoppage and equipment malfunction. Below is some information that pinpoints exactly which items are no longer allowed:

  • Bags – grocery bags, produce bags, bread bags, zip-top type bags
  • Shipping pillows
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic wrap – such as packaging for items like paper towels, or toilet paper
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Thin flexible plastic

How to dispose of these? Well you have a couple options.  You can put them in the garbage, or you can collect (clean and dry) items and take them to a drop off location.  To find your nearest drop off, visit

To learn more about Seattle recycling please visit