10 Creative ways to save money and time

Here are 10 creative ways to save money and time through innovative uses of common household items.

Ground Coffee – If your freezer has a lingering odor, fill a small bowl of ground coffee and leave it inside the freezer overnight.

Get Cords under Control – Stuff your folded spare power cord inside an empty toilet paper roll.  You can even write the description on the outside.

Toothpaste – You can prevent your bathroom mirror from steaming up by applying a small amount of non-gel toothpaste and then wiping off.

Uncooked Rice – If you’ve accidentally got your cell phone wet, remove the battery and put both phone and battery inside a bag of uncooked white rice overnight.  This will absorb the moisture and may save it.

DIY Bag Clips – Don’t buy them, just snap off the clips from the edges of an old plastic pants hanger, they work great!

Store Rolls of Wrapping Paper Easily – No need to use tape that will tear the paper. Simply cut a toilet paper roll from end to end and wrap around the roll of paper.

Find Small Lost Items – Slip an old stocking over the end of your vacuum cleaner nozzle. You’ll be happy at how easy it is to find a lost earring or eyeglass screw.

Don’t buy fancy shaped tortillas for taco salads – Simply flip over a muffin pan, nestle a regular tortilla between the spaces and bake until crispy.

Vinegar double duty – Clean the scale on your shower head by filling a baggie with vinegar and tying it around the shower head. In 8 hours it will be clean, with no work.

Post-It Note to the Rescue – before you throw out that Post-It note, run the sticky edge between the keys of your keyboard to collect crumbs and fluff.  Try this now, you will be amazed!


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