Your Home Security Audit – The Structure, Interior and Contents

We continue with part 2 (of 2) of the Home Security Audit.  Let’s examine the house itself, inside and out.

Most burglaries occur when no one is home.  The ultimate goal is to deter a burglar from targeting your home.  If someone does try to enter, then you deny entry or at least delay entry.  Delaying entry gives neighbors or police a change to detect the burglar.  The majority of burglars are caught because a neighbor noticed suspicious activity and called 911.

The Structure

Ask yourself these YES or NO questions to see if your home security is lacking:

  • Do you have deadbolts or locks on all exterior doors?
  • Can the exterior door frames withstand excessive force?
  • Is there a peephole in all doors where visitors are admitted?
  • Is the garage door locked and closed?
  • Has the sliding glass door been modified to prevent it being moved or lifted off the track?
  • Are the vertically opening windows secured with a window grill or grate?
  • Are casement windows securely locked?
  • Are basement windows secured with a second lock or covered with a grate or grill?


The Interior and Contents

Ask yourself these YES or NO questions to see if your home security is lacking:

The Interior

  • Do you check the doors and windows before you leave home?
  • When you are away, do you leave your blinds open?
  • When away from home, do you leave the radio on a talk show station?
  • When your home is unoccupied in the evening hours, do you leave some lights on?
  • When you talk to strangers, do you avoid giving them too much information?
  • If you do have an alarm system, do you make sure that it is armed every time you are away?
  • If you have firearms are they unloaded and locked safely away?


The Contents

  •  Do you have a current inventory of the contents of your home?
  • Do you have a safety deposit box?
  • Do you have insurance that will cover the cost of replacing stolen or destroyed items?


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