Your Home Security Audit – The Exterior

Your Home Security Audit  – Part 1 – the Exterior

 Most burglaries occur when no one is home.  The ultimate goal is to deter a burglar from targeting your home.  If someone does try to enter, then you deny entry or at least delay entry.  Delaying entry gives neighbors or police a change to detect the burglar.  The majority of burglars are caught because a neighbor noticed suspicious activity and called 911.

 Ask yourself these YES or NO questions to see if your home security is lacking:


  • Do trees or shrubbery obscure your doors and windows?
  • Does shrubbery obscure a place where an intruder could hide?
  • Does your home’s appearance give the impression that no on is at home?
  • Are storage sheds unlocked?
  • Is the garage unlocked or open?
  • Are there basement doors or windows that are easily unlocked or opened?
  • Do you have a privacy fence?
  • Are there any ground floor windows that are unlocked or have a broken pane of glass?
  • Are there any unlocked second floor windows?
  • Are there openings in your homes such as skylights?
  • Are there entrances to your home unlit at night?
  • Are there any other areas around your home that could provide concealment for an intruder?
  • Are there cars or vehicles left outside unlocked or with keys in the ignition?
  • Are vehicles parked in poorly lighted areas?

 Next time – the structure, interior, and contents…

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