Warm Weather Home Maintenance

As soon as winter passes, you can look forward to doing some outdoor chores.  Make sure to get these tasks done before the heat of summer is bearing down on you:

  •  Sharpen lawn mower blades – Not only do lawns cut with sharp blades need less watering, but hard work is made easier with sharp tools.  Always disconnect the spark plug wire before removing the blade and wear safety goggles.
  • Clean the gutters – Remove the debris from the gutters to allow them to carry rainwater away.  This will help protect the home from mold and rot. When clean, run water through to make certain that it is flowing away from the house.  Also, while you are up there, lok for leaks or loose connections.
  • Inspect the roof – Look for curling, broken or missing shingles.  To look for sagging, stand across the street and look at the roof line.  Make sure to inspect around the flashing. Don’t forget to inspect the attic ceiling for leaks, discoloration and stains.  Get repairs done promptly to reduce expensive rot and decay.
  • Check the foundation – Walk around the house and make sure dirt slopes away, so water cannot collect.  Rake leaves away from the foundation to make it less inviting for mice and rats.
  • Scrub decks & porches – Cleaning them gives you the perfect chance to inspect for rot and damage. Wood needs to be painted or stained every few years or more if they face extreme weather.

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