Maintaining your Sewer Line

Maintaining your Sewer Line
Due to our aging Seattle homes, it is common for potential home buyers to have a sewer line inspection performed before buying.  And in Seattle, it is the homeowner’s responsibility for their side sewer – the portion from the home to the public sewer line in the street.
Typically the sewer problems include relatively simple to fix things like a build-up of tree roots, toilet paper, or grease.  However fixing broken sewer lines are some of the most expensive types of home repairs. Also, some homeowner’s insurance (check your policy) have a sewer line exclusion.
Here are some steps you can take to maintain your line before problems arise:
·  Do not flush garbage or grease down the kitchen drain, it can build-up inside the lines.
·  When planting near the sewer lines, plant varieties of shrubs or trees with smaller root systems.
·  If your washer isn’t equipped with an automatic lint filter, use a lint trap on the water discharge hose of your washing machine.
·  Periodically have your sewer line cleaned by a professional.

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