Jeff is a Miracle Worker

December 9th, 2011

 Hi Jeff,
George Tyler here, I want to start off with saying pardon my spelling its terrible.  Anyway, in the past I have told a lot of people about what you did for Lori and I with getting the house over by the Crown Hill cemetary sold for us. And when I tell the story I tell them that you’re not really a realtor, you’re a miracle worker. I keep a framed copy of the flyer that you had printed up in my home office, so the transaction comes to mind quite often. And when I show that flyer to people they say that I’m a bandit, and I say no,  I just had a damn good realtor on my team. I retired five years ago and Lori will retire next spring and we plan to hop in our 32 foot motor home and spend some of that windfall cash you found for us. Thanks again for everything, and keep the mailings coming.

And if you ever get up this way give me a call and we’ll do coffee.

Lori & George Tyler

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