Is there trouble lurking in your laundry room?

This is the result of a dryer fire

 What causes 5,600 fires, 15 deaths, and over 99 million in preventable property loss? Three words…dryer vent fires.  Most homeowners consider their clothes dryer a necessity. Improper installation and maintenance of this appliance can pose a serious fire risk.  The leading factor is the failure to clean lint from the trap, vents and surrounding areas.

The signs of a blocked dryer vent are:

1. Lengthy drying time

2. Clothes are hotter than normal at the end of the cycle

3. Dryer shuts off due to high temperatures

4. Increased heat and humidity in the area of the dryer

5. Flapper on the vent hood does not open when the dryer is on

The Community Association of Underwriters recommends:

1. Replace plastic and metal foil vents with 4” aluminum vents

2. Vent dryer directly to the outside, taking the shortest route

3. Never leave the house when a dryer is on

4. Install a portable fire extinguisher in the laundry room

5. Clean filter after every dryer load

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