Crime Prevention Meeting in Ballard

As reported on the local blog, Thursday Oct 6th, 2011, more than 30 people gathered at the Ballard Community Center to talk about crime in the neighborhood.  Representatives from Seattle Police Community outreach, SPD crime prevention coordinator, BallardCommunity Center and Ballard District Council were all there to answer questions.

 The most prominent concern was homelessness and public intoxication.  In addition, there were concerns raised about graffiti and theft. The representatives from SPD repeatedly advised concerned residents to call 911 and stated that 911 was not only for life and death situations.  The local crime prevention coordination, Terrie Johnston, advised against calling the non-emergency number noting that “it’s not very friendly.”

 There are only 10 officers to cover the Ballard area.  911 calls are prioritized, which would explain the long response time to calls.  Many of the residents felt their calls were not taken seriously.  The SPD advised to enlist neighbors and call incidents at the same time to move it up in priority.

 Please follow the link to contact your SPD community outreach representative.

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