Winterizing Your Home

The recent stretch of unseasonably cold weather in Seattle, including a dusting of snow, reminds me that it is time to think about winterizing our homes. The better prepared your home is the better it can handle cold weather. Here are some tips…

Keep your home warm all winter long:

Turn on your furnace and listen to it, to confirm it is starting and running.

Replace or clean your furnace filter once per month.

Have a technician service your furnace to ensure all parts are in good shape.

If you are using ceiling fans, verify that they are turning clockwise.  Pushing the air down can reduce your heating costs up to 10%*

Prevent pipes from freezing:

Drain exterior facets and remove garden hoses. Store the hoses inside a garage or shed

Cover exposed pipes with the pre-slit foam, an inexpensive purchase at any home improvement store

Keep your fireplace in good working order:

Check to see if there are any nests or debris in the chimney and have that removed

Make sure the flue can be easily opened and closed

Consider having the chimney cleaned to eliminate creosote build-up

Prepare the home’s exterior:

Have the roof inspected for missing or damaged shingles.

Inspect the flashing around chimneys for leaks

Check for holes around the foundation where critters can crawl inside, and then seal the holes

Turn off the water to outside sprinkler systems and have compressed air blown through.

If needed, apply a sealant to a wood deck, and cover your outdoor furniture

Don’t forget the gutters:

Gutters move water away from your home. Clean those gutters to prevent flooding around the foundation, and ice dam issues from freezing





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Maintaining your Sewer Line

Maintaining your Sewer Line
Due to our aging Seattle homes, it is common for potential home buyers to have a sewer line inspection performed before buying.  And in Seattle, it is the homeowner’s responsibility for their side sewer – the portion from the home to the public sewer line in the street.
Typically the sewer problems include relatively simple to fix things like a build-up of tree roots, toilet paper, or grease.  However fixing broken sewer lines are some of the most expensive types of home repairs. Also, some homeowner’s insurance (check your policy) have a sewer line exclusion.
Here are some steps you can take to maintain your line before problems arise:
·  Do not flush garbage or grease down the kitchen drain, it can build-up inside the lines.
·  When planting near the sewer lines, plant varieties of shrubs or trees with smaller root systems.
·  If your washer isn’t equipped with an automatic lint filter, use a lint trap on the water discharge hose of your washing machine.
·  Periodically have your sewer line cleaned by a professional.

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Around the Sound in September

Here are some happenings in the Seattle area for the month of September…

Puyallup Fair:  9/1 – 9/24

Bumbershoot:  9/1 – 9/3

Seattle Art Museum:  9/7 is Free First Thursday

Bellevue Art Museum:  9/8 Free First Friday

Fremont Oktoberfest:  9/22-9/24